V.I.B.E. Development Group Inc. (V.I.B.E.)
is a professional product and solution based consulting firm, and leader in building sustainability and life cycle management in Manitoba, Canada. We are dedicated to providing holistic custom solutions to the Manitoba residential and non-residential building service markets and extend our services across Canada.

V.I.B.E.’s co-founders launched the company in 2013 because they recognized the need to:

  • bridge gaps in the building design, construction and management phases.
  • understand processes and improve desired outcomes for building stakeholders.
  • improve collaboration between invested team members.

The challenges the building services industries are currently facing are:

  • continually being asked to find better ways to manage waste, consume less energy and find ways to reduce their companies’ carbon footprint.
  • accelerated aging of facilities due to a wide range of reasons for postponement of needed repairs and maintenance.
  • worries about remaining current with building code, energy code and fire code revisions.
  • demands for fast, accurate retrieval of reliable information.
  • concerns with occupant and public health and safety, disaster and emergency planning and preparedness.
  • pressures to perform with unskilled and/or fewer human resources.
  • requirements to provide socially and eco-friendly, responsible solutions.

V.I.B.E. understands that building services industries are struggling with being asked to do more with less, all with the expectation of maintaining or increasing the performance and quality of facility operations. Hidden in closets and drawers, found in almost unusable condition, are overwhelming amounts of unorganized, valuable building documentation. Buried deep in a server is underutilized, outdated, valuable data. Current emphasis is being placed on eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives to enhance operations and life cycle management of buildings, all while still focusing on an organization’s bottom line goals – efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Fueled with passion for helping their clients achieve the highest level of building sustainability, V.I.B.E. assists the building services markets to enhance operations at any phase of the building life cycle, from planning, programming, conceptual design, design development and construction, to commissioning, decommissioning, management and operations.

V.I.B.E. places value on excellent customer service because we know there is no substitute for repeat and referral business, which is why our professionals take the time to ensure our clients are satisfied with the outcome.