About Us

V.I.B.E. is a product and solution based consulting firm providing professional services to mitigate risk in critical building operations and to improve the overall facility performance.

While emphasis is on “holistic building sustainability” and “efficient life cycle management”, we work with companies to bridge the gap from all stages of the building life – from conception, planning, design, and construction to existing conditions of maintenance and management.


To assist building markets in:

  • cultivating building sustainability,
  • improving building operations environment,
  • reducing operating costs, and
  • enhancing facility life-cycle management.

Mission Statement

We are committed to working with our clients and their existing systems to integrate innovative and progressive facility management and practical operational solutions.


Excellence – Strive professionally to provide best possible outcomes and focus on areas of expertise.
Dynamic culture – Learn, improve, mentor, and transfer knowledge.
Customer satisfaction – Achieve a reputation that will prove V.I.B.E.’s vision and mission for the benefit of the customer.
Respect – Earn trust and respect with all team members.
Integrity – High standards and ethical behaviour.

The V.I.B.E. acronym refers to Virtual Intelligent Building Environment.


V.I.B.E. integrates their expertise, effective strategies, resources and tools to develop custom designed solutions to meet their clients’ demands of the ever-evolving world.

Directed by the client’s management team, V.I.B.E. will find the ideal solutions for specific issues or challenges. V.I.B.E.’s independent consultants use a collaborative approach and work within organizational constraints such as:

  • budget
  • available information
  • existing resources and infrastructure
  • current systems
  • existing internal work flows and processes
  • existing policies and governance

V.I.B.E.’s expertise is provided to clients on a short-term and fee for service basis, typically when organizations are operating on a lean business model and don’t have the internal infrastructure to support additional resources. Clients who work with us have access to a deep level of expertise than would be feasible for them to retain in-house on a long-term basis.
Our clients benefit by:

  • saving time and money
  • having an easy and cost-effective system for operations
  • minimizing liability
  • allowing themselves to be proactive and not reactive
  • being able to start any time of the building life cycle
  • requiring minimal investment and great return on investment
  • having the flexibility to expand on systems and services over the years based on budget

With a wide knowledge base of the subject matter, V.I.B.E.’s consulting experts are professionals in the “building life cycle industry.” Their leadership team is comprised of professionals who provide expert advice in their specialized fields. They meet and exceed the standards of education, industry experience and ongoing training that prepares them with specialized knowledge and the skills necessary to perform their specific role within the field. They work within the constraints of their professional associations’ strict codes of conduct and promote ethical and moral obligations.


Reports, studies, and presentations are often used to clearly describe solutions and provide guidance to V.I.B.E.’s clients. However, because V.I.B.E. operates in a specialized field, in order to meet their client’s specific requirements, they may develop various products such as:

  • Fire and Life Safety Plans
  • Emergency Evacuation Plans and Procedures – Wall-Mounted Evacuation Signs
  • Fire Equipment Maintenance Records
  • Building Condition Assessments
  • Reserve Fund Studies
  • Needs Assessment, Benefit Summary, and Return on Investment (ROI) Study
  • Operations and Maintenance Manuals
  • Preventative/Predictive/Prepared Maintenance Programs
  • Building and Property As-Built/Record Drawings or Models
  • Building Utilization Drawings or Models
  • End User Training Manuals