Business Operations Services

Operational solutions
  • Workplace strategy and workflow processes
  • Document control and data management
  • Change, space, and move management services
  • Technical document library and data warehousing
  • Technology – standards development, implementation, training, and management (CADD, EDMS, BIM, CAFM, CMMS)
  • Architectural, Engineering and technical services

Facility Management Services

Building operations and maintenance management

  • Maintenance strategic planning
  • Building equipment maintenance planning and scheduling
  • Preventative and predictive maintenance
  • Technology support – CADD, EDMS, BIM, CAFM, CMMS
  • As-built and record drawings or models
  • Building utilization drawings
  • Construction drawings, shop drawings, and specification management
  • O and M manual management
  • Fire and Life Safety plan program – emergency evacuation plans and procedures
  • Technical manual libraries
  • Space planning and move management
  • Drawing, data, and document management

Procurement and contracted building services

  • Facility management source and procurement
  • Subcontractor management and quality control

Renovation or New Build Program/Project Delivery Services

  • Program/project coordination or management
  • Program development – RFP, RFQ, construction procurement, contract administration, document control and management
  • Program scheduling
  • Program justification
  • Space fit-up management
  • Building infrastructure renewal of decommissioning
  • Design and construction management – renovation or new build
  • Various project delivery methods including: Integrated Project Delivery Method (IPD)

Professional Consulting Services

Capital planning and asset management

Real property:

  • Baseline condition assessment
  • Inventory indexing
  • Custom asset management
  • Reserve fund studies
  • Capital planning

Consulting services:

  • Sustainability
  • Facility management
  • Train the trainer
  • Knowledge management
  • Architectural and engineering design
  • Construction management
  • Technology integration, standards development, use, management
  • Technical building solutions

Depending on the nature of the contractual obligation, consulting services, and products required, V.I.B.E.’s products and/or solutions may be made public by posting the information online in the organization; available in hard copy media; provided to or implemented into the entire organization or selected groups within the organization; and/or kept confidential and only given to management and executives of the organization obtaining the consulting services. 

Although most of the research, analysis, and development occurs at V.I.B.E.’s office, based on the project scope and overall requirements, their team will, periodically throughout the term, work at the project location or at the organization’s site. By spending time in the client’s environment or at the project site location, V.I.B.E. is able to:

  • Observe existing work flows and processes
  • Facilitate informal and formal interviews with workers, managers, executives, and board members
  • Conduct audits and assessments
  • Perform building walkthroughs
  • Gather information and study the functional groups’ responsibilities